Frankie, Martin, Euan, Eileen, Geoff, Stewart, Hannah and David

The high winds on the Saturday effectively killed the beginners Canoe Camp planned for the weekend and a paddle on the Sunday was rapidly substituted. Kick-off was the relatively early 9am to fit in with a forecast of wind progressively increasing throughout the day. This proved fairly accurate although in general the winds were less severe and the sun far more obvious than the forecast suggested.

The route taken was an anti-clockwise circuit of the 4 SPA (Special Protected Area) islands; Inchvannach, Inchmoan, Inchcruin and Inchconnachan stopping on the horseshoe beach on Inchmoan, the top end of Inchmoan, the pier at Inchcruin and the Wallaby beach on Inchconnachan.

Martin and Eileen in their new boats on Inchmoan

Euan, Hannah and Stewart in one of the club canoes

Ben Lomond just coming clear of cloud

One of the herd of Fallow Deer seen on both Inchmoan and Inchcruin

On the beach on Inchcruin (joined by a collapsible double)

Arriving at the “Wallaby Beach” on Inchconnachan

Frankie and David observe the wallaby (almost completely hidden by the bracken)

Almost back to Aldlochlay


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