Club Meetings: November 2017

The club held two meetings in November. The first was an opportunity to view the latest Justine Curvegen CD detailing her trip along the Aleutian chain with Sarah Outen. All were impressed if not amazed.In addition, for our white water aficionados, the video Sneaky,Freaky, Creeky covering some incredible exploits on Scottish Waters was also shown. An excellent evening.
The second meeting was aimed at the less experienced. Geoff, Hugh, Gordon and Euan looked at the gear they used on winter days at sea, weekends trips, river trips and canoe trips respectively. A useful, and pleasant evening. Geoff’s list is shown on the Sea Kayak Training pages of the site.

Lower Orchy Trip; 11th Nov

Paddlers: Steve Thomas, Graham, Tom, Gordon, Jamie, Harry, Rowan

River Level: 2.5 at Falls of Orchy

Original plan had been to paddle the River Awe but it was was on release so we did the lower Orchy instead.  Weather was clear and cold with a fair amount of snow on higher hills.   We put in just above the steel bridge at the Falls of Orchy.  The bridge is about to be removed and upgraded incidentally – contractors were erecting fencing prior to the work starting.

Having all got on the river without mishaps (see video here), we dropped over the weir and started making our way down.   A series of rapids followed, some quite challenging (enough for me to take a swim).   We stopped for lunch just past the Catnish carpark/bridge and from there, it was a fairly long flat paddle to the next set of rapids and then on to the take out at Dalmally bridge.

Beginners in the Sun; 5/11/2017

Paddlers: Catherine, Andy, Sean; Lorna, AndyA, David (frae Ayr); Robbie, Lee, Tim, Allan, Douglas and Geoff

Weather: Beautifully Sunny with a breeze (F2) from west

Route: Craigendoran to Kidston and v.v. showing the flag to the local citizens

Report: A beautiful day with a slight bounce. We had a complete beginner join us, so the original plan of Ardmore and the Sugar Boat was ruled out, but the alternative of a paddle along the sea front turned out to be equally, if not more enjoyable, Lunch on the steps by the Henry Bell monument and a somewhat faster return , with the breeze , from Kidston. A good day.



Beginners Trip on Teith; 28th Oct

Paddlers:  Steve Thomas, Gordon, Harry, Ross, Andrew, Steve Wheaton, Rowan, Alan, Chris & Jack
River Level:0.82
Weather: Fair
Excellent days kayaking on the Teith led by Steve T.  New paddlers coped really well.  There were a couple of swimmers, an impressive backwards descent of the Torrie rapid by Andy.   Water was warm enough for the younger members of the group to try swimming in the current at the end.
Video of folk playing by Torrie rapid at
A few lessons learnt – clip your throw bag on, check you really do have your helmet with you (ask John and Chris) and as a group, put in spare gear.