The Club was formed in 2006 when a group of keen kayakers got together. It has grown rapidly and now has some 61 members of varying skill levels, from novice to expert, including a large number of qualified coaches.

Thanks to lottery grants the Club has a fleet of boats (river, sea and fusion kayaks and open canoes) and associated equipment for use of all members.

A key feature are the Basic Skills training programs. Adult courses are normally held in Autumn (Oct-Dec) and sometimes in Winter (Jan-March). The Young Persons course runs from Easter to July. Trainees earn  the Paddle Start and Paddle Discover Awards. The adult program involves pool sessions on a Tuesday and at least three outdoor sessions. The YP Course also involves  a Thursday evening training session outdoors. These are held around the area at Luss, Kidston Park, Craigendoran, Loch Long and the River Leven. There is a canoe camping trip to Inchcailloch. In summer the club meets in these same places at the same times for longer recreational; trips

The sea kayakers have trips at least once a month and weekend expeditions involving camping on some of the most beautiful islands in west of Scotland. There are also midweek day trips most Thursdays.

Last year a group paddled the Turquoise Coast (7 Capes) in Turkey for the eighth year. In 2010 it was the Elfiti Islands near Dubrovnik in Croatia.

The river kayakers tend to be younger and organise monthly trips on rivers like the Awe, Orchy and the Tay. The club also sometimes books the Pinkston White Water Course for the evening.

Canoe Polo is in the Pool or in the summer  on a Wednesday between the old piers at Craigendoran .