Gear for a Day Trip in Winter on the Sea

Wearing:  Thermal Vest, Sports shirt, Pants, Tracky Bottoms, ski socks;   Semi Dry Suit (Kokotat Waterproof trousers and socks with Bib; Palm Ocean Top) or Lomo Dry Suit; Peaked Waterproof Hat; Gloves (Addidas cycle gloves with heavy duty rubber outer gloves or Sealskin Gloves or Old Ski Gloves);  Lomo Wet Suit Boots or Wellie Boots.

On Me: Spectacles (polarised) with safety strap; Palm Buoyancy Aid containing Flares, Whistle, Camera, Knife and sometimes VHF Radio;  Spraydeck  holding SPOT (personal tracker and  emergency transmitter).

On Boat: Pump, Tow Rope, Spare Paddles, Inflatable Paddle Float, Laminated Map, deck compass

In Camera Hatch: Dry Bag containing Phone, Wallet, Keys; VHF if not on PDF; Spare Gloves

In Day Hatch: Emergency Bag containing Gaffer Tape, Patches, Emergency Aid Kit (Bandages, Scissors, Elastoplast, Ibuprofen Gel, paracetamol , Anti-Histamin, Angina Spray and Space Blanket), LED Head Torch (with flashing option)[on head near dusk], Multi-tool Leatherman, KFS, Midge Net; Towel; Spectacles; Toilet Paper; spare batteries; hand held compass. Fire lighters and lighter.

Lunch: Large flask with hot water, watertight container holding tea, coffee, sweeteners, milk powder (sometimes), biscuits; watertight container holding sandwiches, crisps, fruit etc

If not using “dry” or “semi dry” suit I would carry a set of loose clothes. If leading, a Bivvy Bag or Group Shelter plus the clothes.