A Very Foggy Clyde 31st Oct 2010

Paddlers: Dave, Mick, Myles, Douglas and Geoff

Description: A very foggy and ethereal paddle giving extensive practice of kayaking by compass and a completely new perception of a well used route. A thoroughly enjoyable short day.

The Route
Depart from Craigendoran
Kilcreggan (I think its going to burn off!)Blue Sky, fog beneath and flat calm.
Off Cove (It's getting thicker again)
Blue Sky but no horizon
It's breaking (off Green Island)
It's not. Off Helensburgh Pier (after Turner)

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  1. Got home, put all the kayaking things away, thought I’ll post about today’s paddle so that it’s not always Geoff…and he’d beat me to it! Pity he didn’t know what date it was.

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