Scarba Bothy, Nov 4th & 5th ,2023

Participants; Steve Wheaton, Gordon Smith, Ian Walker, Stuart McCartney

This trip was planned for December last year, when poor forecasts had us heading for Mark Bothy instead. This year though the South of the UK was seeing storms we were enjoying a much quieter period under the centre of a large low-pressure system. Incredibly the wind kindly moved Northeast over the weekend giving gentle Easterlies on Saturday and Westerly to take us home on Sunday.

Saturday 4th Wind E, F2/3 Distance 12km.
Met at Ardruaine Jetty at 1030 and paddling just after 1100. Short stop at the bottom of Luing before nosing into Bagh Gleann a Mhaoil with the very start of the flood. Afternoon spent collecting wood from the beach and setting up in the bothy. Before darkness a short walk was made to a promontory above the caves South-West of the bothy.

Scarba bothy has a truly remarkable setting on a South facing slope looking out across the entrance to the Corryvrechan.

Sunday 5th Wind W, F1/2 Distance 26Km.
Early rise in the bothy at 0530 for paddling at 0700. Used the last of the flood to take us through the Corryvrechan along the South shore of Scarba. Conditions very good though with just a few swirly bits to make it interesting. Some reflected waves on the Western shore which might normally have allowed some close in shore paddling but given the length of exposed coast with few options to get out we continued at a safe distance. The Grey Dogs were passed through within the 1st hour of the Neap Ebb flow in ideal conditions.
A brief stop was made below Kilmory Lodge on the Eastern shore of Scarba before heading across the Sound of Luing and up the Eastern Shore of Luing for a lunch stop at the top of Shuna.
Back at Arduaine and all packed and way for mid-afternoon.
A super visit and stay at a remote bothy.