Helensburgh – Newark Castle – Helensburgh 3rd Dec, 2023

Participants: Steve Wheaton, Gordon Smith, Stuart McCartney, Geoff Riddington, Mark Newal

This was the last planned sea trip of the year, the date swapped with our usual bothy trip, which was held in November.
Frosty but calm F2 from EEN, cloudy with intermittent sun.
Launched from the slipway beside the new swimming pool. Water flat and smooth, under 1.5 hrs to Newark Castle via Ardmore.
Lunch by the castle and walk around the building.
5km run along shoreline between Port Glasgow and Greenock. We were not sure if the Great Dock was navigable through the Western end (it is) so took the route outside the sea wall. The sea became increasingly choppy with the wind against tide which was surprising given the relatively benign conditions.
On making the Clyde crossing towards Rosneath Point the conditions eased and we were followed into Helensburgh by a very friendly and inquisitive seal, often coming up and nosing the back of our boats.
Just back intime for the last of the daylight and 20km covered.