Loch Sunnart 2024-05-11

Paddlers: Gordon, Gus, Stuart, Gary, Norrie


Cars parked at Resipole Farm Holiday Park and set off just after midday into a F3 southerly breeze. Paddled over to the south shore and headed west. Met by inquisitive seal and a brief otter appearance. Sheltered paddle along to Glencripesdale where we crossed over to Dun Ghallain for a late lunch. Stunning views West.

We then headed over to Carna and through Caol Charna and onwards into Loch Teacuis – well worth the effort. Fair amount of tide running in the narrows which provided opportunity for a bit of practice breaking in and out of eddies.

Camped at 624582. Quick (and very refreshing) swim by some of the party before dinner.

Northern lights had been amazing the night before apparently but nothing to see when we checked at 12:30am.


Civilised start – on the water for 9am. Tide was high enough to paddle round south of Carna and into Loch na Droma Buidhe and also to investigate the inner loch in Oronsay.

We continued clockwise around Oronsay – quite a dramatic shore. Then headed West, passing Ross Rock to the North, the northern tip of Carna and on to Dun Ghallain. From there we retraced our steps back to Resipole.