Sea Kayaks for Sale




With the agreement of the Committee these two boats are for sale initially to club members only. If there are no takers I will advertise them on Gum Tree.

Valley Large Volume Plastic Sea Kayak suitable for an adult at least 5′ 10″ to 6′ 6″ and weighing over 12 stone minimum. (Essentially somebody Robin’s size or bigger.)The hull is in excellent condition with no leaks; both fore and aft compartments are dry with good hatches. Fixed seat and basic backrest with sliding footpegs. Skeg is missing and the skeg wire needs replacing too. Available for a trial paddle of course – cost £200 sold as seen.

North Shore Low Volume GRP/Composite Sea Kayak suitable for a large child or small to medium adult – up to 5′ 10″ and no more than 11 stone. Hull is good; skeg is in place but the skeg wire needs replacing. Fixed seat and basic backrest with sliding footpegs. Forward hatch cover is perished but serviceable; aft hatch cover requires seals replacing but is serviceable just. This is a super little SK for private ownership but totally unsuitable for the rough and tumble of club use; with a little TLC it is good for many years yet. Cost £200 sold as seen and is course available for a trial paddle.

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Equipment Sale. This Saturday. 10am Duck Bay

Lomond Hosteller’s Canoe Club is closing down and selling off its equipment this Saturday at 10am. There are sea kayaks and a lot of other gear but have no idea about condition. The club store is found by going North past Duck Bay Marina, pumping station and cottage and entering via small green gate on left of road.

Equipment for Sale

For Sale on 15th August


McNulty Huntsman, with Lendl paddle and neoprene spray deck £425

Dagger Honcho, which has airbags and voyager fitted hip pads (full WW spec) £300


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