A Trip Around the Islands: Loch Lomond 25/26 June 2011

Attending: Geoff, Euan, Stewart, James, Andrew, George, Kevin; Eleanor, Fraser, Euan, Calum, Robbie and Cameron.

The 13 (7 adults, 6 youngsters) of us met at Ardlochlay for the Beginners Canoe Camping Trip around the Islands.

Weather was extremely damp and midgy all afternoon until we camped.


Lunch and Wallaby hunting on Inchconnachan

The the cloud slowly lifted and the weather gradually improved until when we camped there was a light breeze, bright periods and no midges.

The campsite was flat and had enough firewood to make an excellent camp fire.

View from site

Because of forecast high winds around mid-day it had been decided to get up at 7am and leave as close as possible to 8am. At around 8am the heavens opened and we were caught in a torrential rainstorm. Undaunted we were away by 8.20 and back at Ardlochlay by 8.45.


And the rain came down

Despite the weather a good time appears to have been had by all, adults and youngsters.


Loch Long, Thursday 15th June 2011

13 met at Finnart for a paddle. The training group of 8 paddled to Mark for a nose around the bothy, then across to Portincaple and back past the oil terminal.

The 5 sea kayakers managed to get to Carrick Castle before returning via Portincaple in their alloted 2.5 hours.

For information: the oil tanker the Marida Mistletoe tied up at Finnart is registered in the Marshall Islands (if you wondered about that name and flag).

A lovely evening with a light southerly breeze that dropped as the evening progressed.

Thanks to Douglas for the photos.


River Leven 8th June 2011

A flotilla of 19 made the trip. The water was high and the river fast. The barrier at the rowing club was raised and a number managed to squeeze round/over the floating barricade.

Weather was dry and pleasant if rather cold towards the end of the evening.

The speed of the river meant a fast trip but nowhere to stop. The one capsize (trees) was dealt with on the water. Thanks to Wendy Hamilton for the photos



Kidston: Thursday Evening 2nd June

There were 26 paddlers on this glorious Thursday evening, possibly the largest turnout the club has ever had. Two groups were formed, 9 sea kayakers led by Hugh did a 2.5 hour trip to Gourock, Greenock and the Sugar Boat covering well over 8 miles.

Off Green Island



The beginners paddled across the Gareloch to the caravan park, with a smaller group heading on to have a closer look at the Cal-Mac ships tied up at McGruers in Rhosneath.

Finally the hyper-local internet-TV station filmed a short piece about the club as part of their weekly Sports roundup programme. This is still to be shown but for those interested, the station can be found at http://helensburgh.urtv.co.uk


Luss Islands April 2011

Getting Ready to Depart

This was a a shortish trip for the Basic Skills Course in GP kayaks. A cool dry day with little wind and a good time for all. Thanks to Euan, Dave, Myles and Harry for running trip and support.

Ready for the Off
En Route
En Route: Datail (Which is You?)

Clyde Paddle 12th December 2010

The Paddlers at Craigendoran

Attending: Hugh, Ken, Geoff, Dave, Liam, Ross and Matt

Weather: Blue skies and windless but very cold

Route: Craigendoran,  Sugar Boat, Royal West Boat Club (Gourock), Meilkleross Bay (Rosneath), Marina, Craigendoran. (c 8 miles)

Clear Blue and Calm
Liam on the Sugar Boat
Liam in the Sugar Boat
Members of the Glasgow Club that joined for lunch
Lunch with Fire

A Very Foggy Clyde 31st Oct 2010

Paddlers: Dave, Mick, Myles, Douglas and Geoff

Description: A very foggy and ethereal paddle giving extensive practice of kayaking by compass and a completely new perception of a well used route. A thoroughly enjoyable short day.

The Route
Depart from Craigendoran
Kilcreggan (I think its going to burn off!)Blue Sky, fog beneath and flat calm.
Off Cove (It's getting thicker again)
Blue Sky but no horizon
It's breaking (off Green Island)
It's not. Off Helensburgh Pier (after Turner)

Grey Dog and Cuan Sound Daytrip, Thurs Oct 14th

Kayakers: Hugh, Ken, Damien

Route: The route was Easdale, Belnahua, Grey Dog, Scarba (cable from Grey Dog), round the bottom of Luing and up to Ardinamar Bay, Cuan Sound, Easdale. Distance 25k.

The RouteDepartureBelnahua
Looking from Belnahua to Lunga and Scarba

Belnahua Ruined Village
Tidal currents in the Grey Dog
Heading for Luing
Ken and Damien

Cuan Sound