A Trip Around the Islands: Loch Lomond 25/26 June 2011

Attending: Geoff, Euan, Stewart, James, Andrew, George, Kevin; Eleanor, Fraser, Euan, Calum, Robbie and Cameron.

The 13 (7 adults, 6 youngsters) of us met at Ardlochlay for the Beginners Canoe Camping Trip around the Islands.

Weather was extremely damp and midgy all afternoon until we camped.


Lunch and Wallaby hunting on Inchconnachan

The the cloud slowly lifted and the weather gradually improved until when we camped there was a light breeze, bright periods and no midges.

The campsite was flat and had enough firewood to make an excellent camp fire.

View from site

Because of forecast high winds around mid-day it had been decided to get up at 7am and leave as close as possible to 8am. At around 8am the heavens opened and we were caught in a torrential rainstorm. Undaunted we were away by 8.20 and back at Ardlochlay by 8.45.


And the rain came down

Despite the weather a good time appears to have been had by all, adults and youngsters.