Programme, Summer 2013

04-Apr Thu Committee Commodore 8pm
06-Apr Sat Beginners Trip Aldlochlay 10am
09-Apr Tue Open Access Pool 7.30pm
16-Apr Tue Beginners Course Pool 7.30pm
18-Apr Thu Beginners Luss 6.30pm
19-Apr Fri Round Bute (B)
20-Apr Sat Round Bute (B)
21-Apr Sun Round Bute (B)
23-Apr Tue Beginners Course Pool 7.30pm
24-Apr Wed Midweek Trip Surf Day or
25-Apr Thu Beginners RNYC 6.30pm
27-Apr Sat Erskine to Glasgow A
30-Apr Tue Beginners Course Pool 7.30pm
04-May Sat 2 Star Assessment
05-May Sun 2 Star Assessment
03-May Fri Sound of Arisaig
to from
06-May Mon Glenuig (B)
07-May Tue Beginners Course Pool 7.30pm
09-May Thu Evening Trip A Gareloch 6.30pm Beginners Kidston 6.30pm
10-May Fri
11-May Sat Islands of the Forth
12-May Sun Day Trip A Loch Eck A/B
14-May Tue Beginners Course Pool 7.30pm
16-May Thu Beginners Luss 6.30pm
17-May Fri
18-May Sat Weekend Arduanie &
19-May Sun Trip B+ Garvellachs
21-May Tue Beginners Course Pool 7.30pm
23-May Thu Evening Trip Loch Long 6.30pm Beginners Loch Long 6.30pm
24-May Fri
25-May Sat Sugar Boat (A)
26-May Sun River Trip (Awe or Orchy)
28-May Tue Beginners Course Pool 7.30pm
30-May Thu Beginners Luss 6.30pm
31-May Fri Barra
to Expedition B+ &
05-Jun Wed Uists Skye (B/C)
04-Jun Tue Beginners Course Pool 7.30pm Skye (B/C)
06-Jun Thu Evening  Trip A/B Sugar Boat 6.30pm Beginners Craigendoran 6.30pm Skye (B/C)
07-Jun Fri Skye (B/C)
11-Jun Tue Beginners Course Pool 7.30pm Skye (B/C)
13-Jun Thu Beginners Luss 6.30pm
14-Jun Fri
16-Jun Sun Day Trip B Round Ardlamont
18-Jun Tue Beginners Course Pool 7.30pm
20-Jun Thu Beginners Balloch (Leven) 6.30pm
22-Jun Sat Canoe Loch Beginners CANOE CAMP 12pm
22-Jun Sun Camp Lomond Beginners CANOE CAMP 12pm
to Expedition A/B Lismore
07-Jul Sun L1 Coach Course Lochgoilhead
to L1 Coach Course Lochgoilhead
10-Jul Wed L1 Coach Course Lochgoilhead
13-Jul Day Trips from Oban
14-Jul (A)
20-Jul Cumbraes (B)
28-Jul Round Mull
to from Tarbet (C )
04-Aug Up R. Cart (A)
17-Aug Solway Coast (A)
to Expedition B Arnumurchan Solway Coast (A)
18-Aug Solway Coast (A)
September Expenditon B+ Treshnish
14-Sep Corryvechan &
15-Sep Grey Dog (C )
28-Sep Skye Devpt
29-Sep Weekend
October Expedition B Turkey
2nd week

Club Safety Policy (Borrowed Boats)

Following the tragic accident in the Gairloch and discussions on Canoe safety we are implementing the following policy:
Members may borrow club boats if available, at maintenance cost, provided that they are used in a minimum size group of 2 vessels. 
A capsized canoe cannot be effectively righted and emptied in deep water without the use of a second boat, and we are not confident that individuals who need to borrow a kayak should be relying  on self rescue techniques.
When offshore the club also strongly recommends that all paddlers carry effective means of communication (Whistles, Flares, VHF radios, Emergency Beacons (or Spot transmitters), Strobe lights) and requires these on sea kayak weekend club trips (see for more details). The club also strongly recommends the use of life jackets rather than Buoyancy Aids for all young children. Life jackets are designed to ensure the head stays clear of the water and the child does not drown even if unconscious.

Committee Minutes Dec 2011

Helensburgh Canoe Club

Minutes of Committee Meeting, Sun 4th December 2011

Present: Geoff (Chair), Grant (Chief Coach, River Co-Ordinator), Hugh (Sea), Euan(Coach), Willie (QM)

Apologies: Ken (Treasurer), Mel

Financial Report:

Club has healthy balance of £3050 with the pool fees paid until 17th Jan 2012


Spraydecks: The pool chlorine is wrecking the neoprene decks.  Agreed to purchase 12 nylon decks and make up the number of useable neoprene decks to 12, including 3 for the sea kayaks. Use to be made of balance at Brookbank.

Kayaks. There is a shortage of sea kayaks for new members interested in trips. Grant will investigate the purchase of quality second hand boats from Glenmore Lodge with a maximum budget of up to £1500 for 3.

Clothing. Willie to investigate cost of Tops incorporating club logo (courtesy of Euan)


It was agreed that the pool time is most effectively used in structured courses, with individual practice using any remaining time (normally the second half hour). The Pool is primarily useful for Basic Skills and Rescue (incl. self-rescue and rolling). Grant was worried that Basic Skills do not have enough skills for fast successful rescues. The following Pool programme was agreed:

a)      6th/13th/20th December: Enhanced Basic Skills (using new coaching techniques)

b)      10th/17th/24th/31sth January: Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT) Cost £15

c)      7th Feb to 10th April: Adult Basic (minimum number 6) £30

d)      17th April to 26th June: Young Persons Basic £30

The FSRT course will require a classroom session and a half day practical at the end of Jan. Together with Basic Skills, beginners should be ready for a 2 star assessment in early February. Members in previous Basic Skills cohorts who have not done the 2 star are urged to get along to the pool and outdoor sessions in January.  The FSRT is complementary to SEA Touring Training.

Club Meetings:

We are instituting a club meeting on the first Wednesday of the month. The meeting will provide an opportunity for speakers, films and discussion of trips, training etc.  It will also be useful for registration. Location to be confirmed.


This Thursday (8th) weather permitting. Paddle on the Clyde followed by Xmas lunch. Dep Craigendoran 10am. Please join us for paddle, lunch or both. Contact Geoff for details

Weekend as soon as weather permits: Sea Trip for Touring Course. Contact Hugh for details.

Jan  14th/15th: Great Glen Paddle. Either Open or Sea Boats staying Sat night in YH. Contact Grant for details .

Registration and Membership.

Our membership list (52 strong) will be submitted as required by the SCA. It is unfortunately neither comprehensive nor correct and a membership secretary is urgently required for the coming year.  We also need urgently someone to “check in” people on courses at the pool and collect the money from individuals.

AGM 2011. Minutes and Reports

Helensburgh Canoe Club

A.G.M. Thursday 24th March 2011,

Scout Halls, John St


1. Welcome and Apologies

Apologies from Keith Davies, Willie and Grant Dolier

2. General Report


3. Treasurers Report


4. Election of Committee

a) Chair

Because of pressure of work and family Keith had retired, Geoff Riddington was nominated by Hugh Murray, seconded by Sue Smith and duly elected

b) Treasurer

Ken White

c) Secretary

Vacant. Committee to seek a replacement for Geoff ASAP

d) Quartermaster

Willie Dolier

e) Coaching Organiser

Grant Dolier

f) Convenor; Sea Trips

Hugh Murray

g) Convenor, River Trips

Vacant. We are still looking for someone to look after this important post.

h) Ordinary Members (Up to 6)

Sue Smith (Gender Issues)

Euan Forrest (Coaching)

Neil Walden (Social and Fund Raising)

5. Plans for the Coming Year

Pool time doubled after Easter. Youth Coaching course Easter to Summer.

Sea Trip plans for near future presented  including Minch crossing.

6. AOB

After a short break for Tea and Biscuits, Sue Smith gave an entertaining and informative illustrated talk on her (and Alan’s) 8 week expedition to the Dalmatian Coast


Income and Expenditure Account (Year Ending 28th February 2011)

2009/10 2010/11

INCOME                                                                  £                         £

Membership Fees                                                    605.00                  730.00

Profit on pool and coaching activities            (67.40)                 339.42

Bank Interest                                                               0.07                      0.38

———                ———

537.67 1,069.80


Scottish Canoe Association Affiliation             50.00                   50.00

Venue rentals for meetings                                      0.00                     0.00

Ancillary Equipment                                              245.00                 531.00

Equipment Repair                                                         0.00                 188.00

Miscellaneous                                                                 0.00                   50.00

Depreciation                                                               545.69                 545.69

840.69 1,364.69

SURPLUS/DEFICIT FOR YEAR (303.02) (294.89)

Balance Sheet as at 28th February 2011.

Notes £                                   £

Fixed Assets 1 1,637.09 8,368.25

Current Assets

Bank                                                                                   10,482.72            1,578.22

Creditors                                                                                162.00                    0.00

Current Liabilities

Debtors                                                                              (157.40)              (350.70)

Cash in advance                                                                     0.00              (420.00)

Net Current Assets 10,487.32 807.52

£ 12,124.41 £ 9,175.77

Represented by:

Capital Account: 2,124.41 9,106.37

Awards For All Grant 2 10,000.00 69.40

£ 12,124.41 £ 9,1755.77

K. White


20th March 2011


Notes to the Accounts as at 28th February 2011

1. Fixed Assets and Depreciation*.

Asset Purchased Cost Depreciation Value 29/02/11  Yr Total

10 Kayaks          08/12/06       3,274.16         545.69        2,182.76               1,091.40

Trailer                 07/06/10       1,991.99             0.00                 0.00               1,991.99

3 Canoes             07/06/10       2,073.63            0.00               0.00               2,073.63

3 Sea Kayaks      28/09/10       2,116.23             0.00                 0.00               2,116.23

Trailer                 20/10/10         1,095.00           0.00                0.00               1,095.00

545.69 2,182.76 8,368.25

* Fixed Assets depreciated over 6 years.

2. Awards For All Grant.

Grant awarded January 2010                                                    £ 10,000.00

Expenditure in 2010/11:

2 trailers                                                                                                      3,086.99

3 Canoes                                                                                                      2,073.63

3 Sea kayaks                                                                                               2,116.23

Ancillary canoe/kayak equipment                                                 2,653.75


Balance in bank                                                                                          £ 69.40

Helensburgh Canoe Club

A.G.M. Thursday 24th March 2011, Scout Halls, John St

General Report

I think we will probably look back at 2010/111 as the year that the club moved to maturity. For the first time we have a membership data base, a comprehensive kit list and even insurance. We now have a home for our gear and an up to date web site. We have established pool time which is about to be doubled. We are developing and running training courses with qualified coaches that have come through our club. In the case of our Sea Expedition Training we are almost unique in providing quality training.

At this stage I think it appropriate to thank a number of people;

Firstly our past chairman Keith Davis, who got the club going, did the initial paperwork and got us the funds for our excellent equipment. We all owe a great deal to Keith.

Secondly the club is indebted to the Dolier clan; Grant for his role as Coach in our training programmes, Natalie as our membership secretary and pool fund collector and Willie for getting to grips with the equipment side. To you all, our thanks.

Finally I would like to thank Hugh, not only for his efforts with the Sea Kayak training over the last few years but also for stepping in on the teaching side over the last few weeks. His support has been invaluable.

Activity wise we possibly may not have been quite as active as last year. Looking through the website we had 4 overnighters

1) A long weekend trip from West Loch Tarbert up the west coat to  Tayvallich

2) A 5 day trip on West Skye

3) A long weekend on Loch Awe

4) A training weekend on Loch Lomond

We had lots of day trips e.g.

1) Loch Striven

2) Fog on the The Clyde

3) The River Awe

4) Loch Lomond.

5) Rough Water training at Ardrossan

We had lots of evening trips e.g

1) Loch Long at Finnart

2) River Leven

3) Loch Long at Ardentinny

4) Clyde

5) Loch Lomond

For the first time, this year, members became competitors when Sue and Ruth entered the Round Lismore Sea Race; Sue becoming Veteran Ladies Champion and Sue and Ruth claiming second and third places in the Open Ladies category.

Finally this year cannot be allowed to pass without comment on our Open Day at Loch Lomond and our stand at Helensburgh 2011. Looking around, these appear to have been highly successful in introducing people to this great sport/recreation.

For the future I think one of our key problems is going to be remaining solvent. If we double pool time we must fill the sessions. We will have insurance and maintenance bills that we have not had before. We will have to ensure our membership is fully paid up. So possibly sadly today we are waving goodbye to our youth


Training Plans 2010/2011

The outline programme for the season to next summer is as follows:

Sept/Oct 2010  Basic Paddling,   Advanced Sea Skills

Nov/Dec 2010  Rescue & Rolling, Intro to Sea Expeds

Jan/Feb/March 2011, Basic Paddling (Adults), Sea Rescues and Rolls

April/May/June 2011  Basic Paddling (Juniors)

Training Course require at least 3 open water sessions

Paddle 2010

Paddle 2010 – Scotland’s Annual Canoe & Kayak Show will take place on Saturday October 23rd & Sunday October 24th 2010 at Bell’s Sport Centre, Perth.

continuing from previous years, this year the show will have:

  • the largest collection of canoe and kayak stands in a UK show
  • workshop sessions
  • guest speakers
  • exhibitors and manufacturers
  • annual touring photo competition
  • saturday evening ceilidh

The show will take place in conjuction with a new event – The Tay Descent on Sat 23rd Oct.  This event has a tour and races covering 3 different courses.  Race classes will cover different ages, abilities and types of boat.

More information can on Paddle 2010 and the Tay Descent can be found on the Scottish Canoe Association website

Sea Kayak Safety

Mandatory Safety Equipment/Adverse Weather Procedure

Our club has a good safety record but that does not mean we cannot reduce the probability of incidents still further. It is considered prudent to expand the information in the documents Trip Considerations and Kit List (Nov 08) and Touring Requirements and Abilities (April 09) to give clear instruction on what must be carried on day/multi day expeditions both at sea and on fresh water lochs. The following is recommended practice for all except close inshore training and short paddles under instruction. All individuals are expected to carry yachting type coastal flares of the hand held design; 1 x red, 1 x orange smoke as a minimum. A red 350 metre parachute flare is also recommended for ‘regulars’. A whistle and head torch/strobe must also be carried together with spare clothing (unless wearing a dry or wet suit) as a matter of course. The hand flares, whistle and torch/strobe must be carried in or attached to the buoyancy aid.

Other pieces of kit that regulars should consider obtaining in due course are;

VHF radio – for kayakers the submersible type is probably best. Guidance and training in their use can be arranged as necessary. Waterproof radios are available around £90 and submersible around £150. VHF hand held does not have a long range but can be invaluable in situations where shore stations, other vessels or aircraft are in reasonable proximity. They also receive weather broadcasts where location is favourable to reception.

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) – The title says it all and is only for use in situations of dire emergency since once it is triggered, reception via satellite is virtually guaranteed and the resulting response is automatic i.e. emergency services are scrambled. The devices work anywhere in the world and there is a registration scheme for owners. One of the best and cheapest for our purpose is the McMurdo Fastfind 210 Personal Locator Beacon with GPS (transmit only) at a cost of £200. The device weighs 150grm, has a battery life of 5 years and transmits on a monitoring and a homing frequency with GPS position transmitted to increase response speed, hence the name. The alternative to an EPIRB is SPOT (see Geoff) at around £90 plus annual subscription of £90.

Strobe Light – a waterproof strobe light. Example is the ACR C-Strobe with a visibility of 2 miles in all directions on 2 x AA batteries at a cost of £23.

Tow Line – Suitable for sea use. These can be fixed permanently to a kayak or fastened round the waist of the paddler.

It is the responsibility of every individual to remain in close proximity to leader/group in poor conditions to enable communication. This is fundamental to risk reduction and response to any casualty situation. In conditions where spoken communication is difficult or impossible it is proposed to use two whistle signals.

One long blast: Meaning – You are too far away from me.

Action – Close up (or wait if someone has dropped back)

Two long blasts: Meaning – I have (or have seen) a problem.

Action –  All go to assist

Where a member of a group cannot for whatever reason carry on paddling (two whistle blasts), the first action of the group, will be to close up to the casualty and either support and tow or, if there is sufficient sea room, raft up to consider/agree actions. Appropriate actions may vary but scenarios will be discussed in training. Handling/rescue of an unconscious (or otherwise unable to participate) casualty will be added to the self-rescue and buddy rescue requirements in the pool and open water.

It is quite possible that having purchased some of the above equipment you will never use it because your skill and judgement have kept you safe. That is exactly what is intended. If however you are involved in an incident you may well be grateful that you are fully kitted up.

Equipment and Policy

The club currently possesses:

  • 8 River kayaks (including 2 children size)
  • 3 Open Canoes (2 person)
  • 3 Sea Kayaks (to be delivered)
  • 1 Trailer (4 canoes/sea kayaks or 12 river kayaks)
  • Associated equipment (Spray Decks, Paddles, Buoyancy Aids)

Thanks to the local Scouts, for larger training groups we also have access to 11 all purpose kayaks on a 3 level trailer (6 canoes/sea kayaks).

Club boats are available to members for loan free on all club events.

Club boats are also available at a nominal cost of £2 per day (£4 for canoes) for other trips if not being used by the club.