Committee Minutes Dec 2011

Helensburgh Canoe Club

Minutes of Committee Meeting, Sun 4th December 2011

Present: Geoff (Chair), Grant (Chief Coach, River Co-Ordinator), Hugh (Sea), Euan(Coach), Willie (QM)

Apologies: Ken (Treasurer), Mel

Financial Report:

Club has healthy balance of £3050 with the pool fees paid until 17th Jan 2012


Spraydecks: The pool chlorine is wrecking the neoprene decks.  Agreed to purchase 12 nylon decks and make up the number of useable neoprene decks to 12, including 3 for the sea kayaks. Use to be made of balance at Brookbank.

Kayaks. There is a shortage of sea kayaks for new members interested in trips. Grant will investigate the purchase of quality second hand boats from Glenmore Lodge with a maximum budget of up to £1500 for 3.

Clothing. Willie to investigate cost of Tops incorporating club logo (courtesy of Euan)


It was agreed that the pool time is most effectively used in structured courses, with individual practice using any remaining time (normally the second half hour). The Pool is primarily useful for Basic Skills and Rescue (incl. self-rescue and rolling). Grant was worried that Basic Skills do not have enough skills for fast successful rescues. The following Pool programme was agreed:

a)      6th/13th/20th December: Enhanced Basic Skills (using new coaching techniques)

b)      10th/17th/24th/31sth January: Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT) Cost £15

c)      7th Feb to 10th April: Adult Basic (minimum number 6) £30

d)      17th April to 26th June: Young Persons Basic £30

The FSRT course will require a classroom session and a half day practical at the end of Jan. Together with Basic Skills, beginners should be ready for a 2 star assessment in early February. Members in previous Basic Skills cohorts who have not done the 2 star are urged to get along to the pool and outdoor sessions in January.  The FSRT is complementary to SEA Touring Training.

Club Meetings:

We are instituting a club meeting on the first Wednesday of the month. The meeting will provide an opportunity for speakers, films and discussion of trips, training etc.  It will also be useful for registration. Location to be confirmed.


This Thursday (8th) weather permitting. Paddle on the Clyde followed by Xmas lunch. Dep Craigendoran 10am. Please join us for paddle, lunch or both. Contact Geoff for details

Weekend as soon as weather permits: Sea Trip for Touring Course. Contact Hugh for details.

Jan  14th/15th: Great Glen Paddle. Either Open or Sea Boats staying Sat night in YH. Contact Grant for details .

Registration and Membership.

Our membership list (52 strong) will be submitted as required by the SCA. It is unfortunately neither comprehensive nor correct and a membership secretary is urgently required for the coming year.  We also need urgently someone to “check in” people on courses at the pool and collect the money from individuals.