Club Safety Policy (Borrowed Boats)

Following the tragic accident in the Gairloch and discussions on Canoe safety we are implementing the following policy:
Members may borrow club boats if available, at maintenance cost, provided that they are used in a minimum size group of 2 vessels. 
A capsized canoe cannot be effectively righted and emptied in deep water without the use of a second boat, and we are not confident that individuals who need to borrow a kayak should be relying  on self rescue techniques.
When offshore the club also strongly recommends that all paddlers carry effective means of communication (Whistles, Flares, VHF radios, Emergency Beacons (or Spot transmitters), Strobe lights) and requires these on sea kayak weekend club trips (see for more details). The club also strongly recommends the use of life jackets rather than Buoyancy Aids for all young children. Life jackets are designed to ensure the head stays clear of the water and the child does not drown even if unconscious.