River Teith Sat 17th June

Paddlers: Adele, Stewart, Colin, Steve, Graham, John, Chris, Gordon, Geoff

Weather: Sun and Showers

Report: John and Gordon had organised this first river trip for a number of months and conditions could hardly have been bettered. A lot of rain from the past couple of weeks meant a fast and exciting ride with John getting the less experienced used to the idea of “playing” in the river; diving behind rocks etc. The entry point at the meadows car park in Callendar is near perfect.



The first “white water”  came almost immediately and continued with little respite down the whole river.011


Despite numerous opportunities everybody coped extremely well. Stewart managed to fall in on exiting from behind a rock into the main stream but otherwise all of us survived if, on occasions a little wet as we crashed through.A video of Chris playing in the river can be found at https://youtu.be/09TuvB4HmIY

The Torrie Falls are the only significant rapids on the river. They are shot on the left of the river and, on this occasion were very bouncy.

The Deanston Weir, however, is a more serious proposition and the normal advice is not to run it.  The weir runs diagonally across the river. To the left is an overflow channel that was a mass of dangerous water with concrete blocks to ensure death. To the right is a fish ladder, a series of concrete steps not canoeable. The main flow runs down a shallow concrete ramp and over a small drop, but at the bottom on the right becomes a dangerous hole. On the left there are two steps where a jam is a real possibility. If one can keep the line right down the middle then there should be no problems but keeping that line looked problematic when scraping down the concrete slope. Going sideways over the lip, though small, looked uncomfortable. After thorough observation and much discussion it was decided to portage; a long and not very comfortable trudge.20170617_153112

The Exit point is about a km further on just before the bridge in Doune. On the left after a steep climb from the river there is the car park.

The logistics of the trip worked perfectly and everybody returned home looking for the next trip.  Meanwhile Colin has turned up a report of kayakers being airlifted off the weir (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-15148778), rather confirming our judgement.

Map: (click on map to enlarge, left click to copy/download)Teith


Trips and Training

The Basic Skills for Young People started Tuesday 28th April and runs every Tuesday (Pool) and Thursday (Outside) until June 30th. Last Thursday was an intoductory session at Craigendoran which ended with a game of Polo. This Thursday we are again at Craigendoran at 6pm expecting to experience the joys of surf. The forecast is sun, a westerly wind F4 and an ebb tide which should,be low enough for the sand.  Anybody interested is very welcome to join us.

There have also been a number of trips, some on the Clyde and some on the Loch. Last Thursday Hugh, along with Tim, Adele and Gregor took a training paddle out to the wreck. It was suprisingly choppy and cold in the northerly wind. All coped well with Gregor carying out his self rescue assessment.

Next week the Basic Skills are at Luss for an introduction to Canoeing. Meanwhile the Sea Paddlers are off on a trip to the far North West for 4 days. Email riddington89@hotmail.com for information on club, courses and trips.


Plans: June/July 2013

Thursday 13th June: The Beginners will be at Luss in the canoes. I am hoping to go for a paddle but because of trailer limitations  only have room for a couple of the club sea kayaks so if you would like to come and need gear you will probably need to find some transport. If you can take an extra boat please let me know ASAP.
Friday 14th: During the day and evening we are supporting a charity relay team swimming 35km (the equivalent of the length of Loch Lomond) on Loch Lomond. It now appears we will be based at either Inverbeg or Luss. If you have the time off and are interested in a paddle let me know and I can suggest times and locations to join us.
Thursday 20th: The Beginners are going down the Leven from Balloch to Dumbarton. If interested let me know so I can arrange gear.
Sat/Sunday 22nd/23rd: Beginners Canoe Camp. Leaving Aldlochlay at 2pm, returning 12 noon on the Sunday. More details (how and what to pack etc) at the pool session the previous Tuesday.
Weekend 6th/7th July: Round Lismore. Depart Helensburgh 8am, returning about 4pm. This is graded as B i.e. you should have done some longish day trips but not necessarily camped from the kayak before. Please let me know if you are thinking of coming.
Pool: From 25th June on the pool will be open access with a concentration on rolling. Cost £3 per evening as usual.
Gear: You can borrow gear from the club if it is not required for club outings. We charge a nominal £5 per seat per day provided it is returned as it was issued.


Loch Lomond 6th April 2013

Paddlers: Grant, Gregor, David, Stan, Jamie, Geoff, Innes and Euan

100210-0332 (2)


Weather: Beautiful for most of trip. Slight breeze on last leg then rain/sleet when packing up.

Description: This was designed as a gentle paddle round the islands for those on the Basic Skills Course new to paddling. From Ardlochlay we paddled to InchGalbraith for a look at the castle and then on to the first stop on the beach at Inchmoan for an extended (early) lunch in the sun. After a change around between canoes and sea kayaks  we paddled on through the narrows to the Wallaby beach on Inchconnachan for  a second break and a short safari. We were extraordinarily lucky in seeing a wallaby grazing in the sun in the usual area. At one time we were within 2 metres of it. Unfortunately we did not get the the photo evidence from a phone that we had hoped.  Another equipment change and then on again back to Aldlochlay.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable trip in ever wonderful scenery with all the Beginners using both sea kayaks and canoes. Even though I have done the trip multiple times it never palls,and that wallaby was icing on the cake.


Loch Craignish and Dorus Mor


8.15am Craigendoran if you need gear

8.30am Helensburgh Upper Station

9a.m. Tarbet

10.30a.m. Ardfern (north of Lochgilphead heading for Oban)

We should be back to Ardfern between 4 and 4.30pm

Please email Geoff (Riddington89@hotmail.com) ifyou intend coming


Canoe Camp, Loch Lomond June 25th-26th

The end of training canoe camp will take place on Sat/Sun 25th/26th June. Meet at Ardlochlay (just south of Luss) at noon, paddle around to campsite on Inchtavannach. Evening paddle exploring the islands and wallaby hunting. Back at Ardlochlay by noon on the Sunday. Forecast is best of summer.

You should aim to be self sufficient for food and camping equipment. Let me know if there are any problems on this score and any canoeing gear needed.

All very welcome.

Ionian Islands, Greece, October 2011

The club is planning an unguided but supported  trip to the Ionian Islands (west of Greece) in October this year. The planned route is within the protected waters of the region which is bounded by the mainland to the east, and includes the large, mountainous and green Ionian islands of Lefkada, Kephalonia and Ithaki. Sprinkled in between are dozens of smaller, uninhabited or seasonably inhabited islets which remain unaffected by commercial development. Amongst them are Meganisi, Kastos & Kalamos -all within a few kilometres of each other. They present the ideal island hopping circuit for  kayak tours, which begin and end in Vasiliki port, on the south coast of Lefkada Island. More details can be found at http://www.i-explorers.com

The region’s stable climate is also favourable for kayak touring. Almost year-round the central Ionian sea is characterised by calm seas, clear and still waters. Perfect for  sea kayaking.

Because of restricted flight options we are provisionally planning a 7 day/6 paddling day trip between October 6th and 13th. The cost is expected to be around £680 made up as follows:  Boats etc (240 euros =£210), Taxi to/from Prevaza Airport (£60), Air: Manchester-Prevaza (£240), Transport to /from Manchester (£50), Living Expenses in Greece (£120).

If you are at all interested please let Hugh or Geoff know by end of May as we need to book air flights.

Wednesday Evenings: Summer 2010

Over 20 members have enjoyed a Wednesday evening cruise with the club during the school holidays. The list of trips follows:

30 River Leven

2/3 Arden Camp
7 Cancelled

14 Loch Long: Very Windy. A real challenge
Geoff, Stewart, Seylan, Robin, Callum, Chris, Mel

21 Balamaha: Wet, Breezy
Geoff, Mel, Callum, Robin

28 Inverbeg: Rowardennan: Lovely Evening
Geoff, Robin, Stewart, Dave

4 Duck Bay to Inchmurrin and Round: Beautiful and Calm
Geoff, Mel, Natalie, Stewart, Damien, Callum, Robin, Colin Redstone, Alan, Sue, Seylan, Dave

11 Coulport to Ardentinny. Windy and Grey
Geoff, Hugh, Natalie, Derek, Stewart

18 Clyde to Sugar Boat. Lovely Evening. Light Breeze
Geoff, Mel, Damien, Dave B, Myles, Myles Mate, Donald Craig, Callum, Ross, Natalie