Ionian Islands, Greece, October 2011

The club is planning an unguided but supported  trip to the Ionian Islands (west of Greece) in October this year. The planned route is within the protected waters of the region which is bounded by the mainland to the east, and includes the large, mountainous and green Ionian islands of Lefkada, Kephalonia and Ithaki. Sprinkled in between are dozens of smaller, uninhabited or seasonably inhabited islets which remain unaffected by commercial development. Amongst them are Meganisi, Kastos & Kalamos -all within a few kilometres of each other. They present the ideal island hopping circuit for  kayak tours, which begin and end in Vasiliki port, on the south coast of Lefkada Island. More details can be found at

The region’s stable climate is also favourable for kayak touring. Almost year-round the central Ionian sea is characterised by calm seas, clear and still waters. Perfect for  sea kayaking.

Because of restricted flight options we are provisionally planning a 7 day/6 paddling day trip between October 6th and 13th. The cost is expected to be around £680 made up as follows:  Boats etc (240 euros =£210), Taxi to/from Prevaza Airport (£60), Air: Manchester-Prevaza (£240), Transport to /from Manchester (£50), Living Expenses in Greece (£120).

If you are at all interested please let Hugh or Geoff know by end of May as we need to book air flights.