Gare Loch 27 Jun 2021

Gordon, Colin, Rachel, Jonny, Sharon

F1-2 SW, 17km

A short daytrip from RNCYC to Kilcreggan where we had lunch. Back via Kidston for an ice cream.

Some transit practice while crossing the tide between bouys – photo below gives and idea angle required to keep a straight line over the ground, and how far you drop down if you just point at the bouy.

Lismore 12 – 13th June 2021

Lismore June 12-13, 2021
Club Weekend Camping Trip
Steve, Gordon, Harry & Edward
W, SW & S F4 – F2, Overcast, Springs, 48Km

Circumnavigation of Lismore from Lay by Opposite N End of Shuna
With wind for Saturday forecast from the West we decided on a clockwise route gaining shelter from the island. Paddling by 1030 we were into the 2nd hour of the ebb tide. Lunch stop at Achnacroish Pier. Last of the tide down to the small unnamed bay just East of the Southern tip of the island and the campsite of the previous Lismore trip. With the wind having backed to the South we also took advantage of the flood tide and continued up the West coast to Achadun Bay for camping. Dinner followed by exploration of Achadun Castle.

1100 start on the water with the sun occasionally showing. Explored several shallow caves and An Sailean before lunching at Castle Coeffin. Midges also joined us so departed to see if we could find the remains of the Fort shown just to the North of the castle, a lovely walk but little could be seen of the fort. The afternoon took in a loop of the large bay at the top of the island and an attempt at finding some tidal streams expected around the islands East of the ferry jetty though these proved to be very tame. Crossed to Castle Stalker and back to the layby just ahead of the rain forecast for the evening.
Despite the South enjoying temperatures in the high 20s and ourselves seeing around 16 this was a very pleasant start to our monthly camping expeditions.

Wild life seen; eagle, heron, unnamed raptors, geese and ducks, seals

TuesdayEvening Paddle Loch Lomond 08 Jun 2021

The Club Tuesday evening Paddles are now thoroughly underway! Whilst we aren’t intending to post every Tuesday night session it was lovely to meet New and Returning Club Members, as well as having a Canoeist actively joining our session. Which started with a journey and fished with a wet skills session! Geoff demonstrating how to rescue a Canoe from a sea kayak!

Paddlers: Gordon, Geoff, Andy, Sharon, Tom, Edward & Vonna

Loch Eck 29 May 2021

2nd Club Day Paddle of year. Theme was a gentle return to paddling after an extended COVID break for many. We were pleased to welcome new HCC member Lorna and visiting Coach Heather from Totness Canoe Club.

The weather was still & calm for a nice relaxing paddle. Time to reflect.

Paddlers: Gordon, Colin, Tim, Andy, Lorna, Heather & Vonna. Distance was 20.2km

Evening of 23rd May Loch Lomond (Tuesday Evening Sessions Resume!!)

This marked the beginning of our return to Paddling and was the 1st Club Tuesday Evening session in a long while. It was all about reintroducing ourselves back to paddling after the extended COVID break – well over a year for some. Paddle was relaxed, remembering some of the skills we haven’t used in a while. We launched at Luss – hopped around Inchtavannach, Inchconnachan, Inchcruin and back to Luss. We were lucky enough to spot an Osprey!!! Many a paddler takes up twitching!

Weather was much calmer than forecast – F2. Overcast, with a few showers.

Paddlers: Gordon, Lee, Rachel , Jonny & Vonna

Lower Mid Loch Fyne 15-May-2021

1st day Club Paddle of 2021!!! Whoop!!

We entered the water at Lachlan Bay (nr Lachlan Castle). There was a slip way to launch from & then we moved our cars over to the carpark near the river. Theme of this trip was Island Hopping (Sgeir an Eirionnaich, An Oitir, Eliean Fraoch & Eliean Aoghainn) to Union Bay, just beyond Minard Castle. For the return we island hopped, stopping to look at Comb Jellies. We came in on high tide, travelled a short distance up river to the car park. We then went to explored Lachlan Castle!!

Conditions were calm F1-2. Sun & a few shower – light breeze. Total Distance approx 15.2km

Paddlers: Gordon, Ruth, Colin, Serena & Vonna.

Loch Lomond 6th Dec 2020

Geoff, Serena, Damien, Steve
S F1/2, Sunny 1-4 degC
This is the 6th club trip run under the Covid 19 rules for Organised Sport Activity.
A bright clear sunny winter morning saw us meeting at Inveruglas for a trip briefing and Covid Rules check. We followed the Western shore to the head of the loch into the River Falloch. Though not on Geoff’s list of Argyle Lochs to be visited (have to be greater than 1Km in length), Damien found a passage through the reeds to Geal Loch. Lunch was had on the Eastern side of the lochan. The afternoon was spent cruising down to Island Vow for a look round the castle ruins before heading back across the loch where a short foray into the Inveruglas Water was made before finishing.

Distance 17Km
Start & Finish from Inveruglas 0930 – 1430

Loch Long & Holy Loch 22nd Nov 2020

Loch Long & Holy Loch 22nd Nov, 2020
Geoff, Vonna, Serena, Colin Gordon, Steve
W / WSEW 3/4, overcast, occasional showers & sun

This is the 5th club trip run under the Covid 19 rules for Organised Sport Activity.
After a week of avid forecast watching where different forecasts showed significant variations, Saturday evening finally indicated a reasonable consensus for Westerly F3s / 4s.
The trip commenced and finished from 2 separate locations – Coulport Layby for the boys from Helensburgh and Gairletter Point for the girls from Carrickcastle.
After a short crossing from Rosneath Penninsula we all met up below a double rainbow appearing from a squall moving across the loch. The Western Cowal shore provided protection down to Strone were a SW crossing was made to Hafton Park. After a quick exploration into the outflow of the River Eachaig we stopped for lunch below Kilmun Church under the magnificent bus and cycle shelter. A quick tour of the church, mausoleum and graveyard was made before setting out along the N shore thereafter retracing of our route from Strone.

Distance 25Km
HW 0510, LW 1106
Start from Coulport 0930, Finish 1500
Wildlife seen: seals

Loch Sween 6th Nov 2020

Geoff, Vonna, Serena, Gordon, Steve
SE F2, overcast, occasional sun

This is the 4th trip run under the Organised Sport Activity. Originally set up as a Peer Trip but converted to a Club Trip.
After an early start and for those from Helensburgh an escorted drive up the Rest & be Thankful Military Rd we were ready on the water for 10.15. Starting with a lovely paddle through the narrows at the top of the loch amidst autumn colours we followed the East shore to Castle Sween for lunch. Only Serena managed to walk the castle grounds as the rest of us were too busy nattering and our lunch schedule too quickly used. The return was made via the West shore with a quick nose into Linne Mhuirich. We met a group from Glasgow University who were surveying the maerl beds by snorkel one of whom was a past HCC member. With a favourable tide we were back at our vehicles for 1600.

Total distance 28Km
Wildlife seen: seals, brittle stars and unidentified raptor

Upper Loch Fyne – 26th October 2020

Upper Loch Fyne
Geoff, David, Damien, Robbie, Steve
WNW F3 & F4, Overcast with drizzle at times

This is the 3rd trip run under the Organised Sport Activity. Originally planned for Sat 24th and moved to the 25th but eventually taking place on the 26th when finally we appeared to have a gap in the weather.

After meeting at St. Catherines Jetty we headed down the loch for a brief warm up before setting out across the loch to Inverarary. Despite the headwind the crossing was made in 30 mins. From the jail ramparts we moved around to the harbour and viewed the Vital Spark – currently for sale. A brief attempt was made to cross the weirs leading to the River Aray but not enough water to clear the sill. We were more successful in paddling our way into Dubh Loch. Our destination the crannog, however little of the crannog could be seen other than a knoll of grass above the water line. With the wind in assistance fast progress was made to Dundereave Castle for a lunch stop. Lunch over by 1400 we decided to shorten the original journey plan to the loch head and cross directly to the East shore. By 1500 we were back at the jetty.

With so much inclement weather just to our West it was lovely to catch a small window to be out on the water.