Loch Lomond Beginners Canoe Camp, July 2010

The weather forecast was force 4 plus winds and a decision was taken early on to abandon Inchcailloch as a target and Inchvannach was arranged as a substitute. By Friday night we had become really worried about the forecast for Sunday morning and, given  the age of our group, decided that an island trip was not on. Rather than let down our youngsters, at least one of whom had never camped, we arranged at the last moment to camp at Arden, on the mainland, and do as much as we could from there.

Arden is a lovely site free from animals and with its own beach. We were delighted to find that the owner had kindly cut the grass and, all in all, it was a close to perfect choice in the light of the prevailing  weather.

The Camp Site

We had enjoyable paddles to the North before dinner and south after and, though it was breezy, the wind was nearer force 2 than 4.

Looking to Glen Finlas

A good fire, good food (despite the extremely charred sausages) and good company led a a pleasant evening.

About 10 pm at Arden Campsite

Apart from the occasional “spit” the weather stayed dry until about 10pm when light rain commenced. A quickly erected shelter kept us dry for the rest of the evening. Sometime after 6am, however, the promised heavy rain commenced, albeit without the promised high winds. Reluctance by the youngsters to venture out of their tents and the continuing downpour led to a decision to abandon canoeing. By 10 am the promised high winds started to move in (along with the rain) finally confirming that our decision to abandon the islands was probably correct.