Plans Jan 2011

Dates January 2011


Tuesday 11th:                POOL.             Open Practice Session

Thursday 13th.           John St.            Sea Kayak Navigation

Sat or Sun  15th/16th River Trip Contact Grant

Tuesday 18th POOL              Basic Skills Course.   Sea Boat Clinic

Thursday 20th John ST            Sea Kayak Planning

Sat or Sun 22nd/23rd   Sea/Loch Trip Contact Hugh

Tuesday 25th POOL              Basic Skills Course Small Boat Clinic


W/E TBC                     Loch Lomond.   Open Boat and Winter Camping Weekend

Contact Willie

Tuesdays                      POOL              Basic Skills Course      Sea and Small Boat



Tuesday 22nd POOL              Basic Skills Course Finishes

Thurs 24th (TBC)          John St             AGM. Talk on a 2 month expedition to Croatia

Sat 26th Loch Lomond  BCU 2 Star Assessment


Tuesday s                     POOL              Basic Skills for Youngsters

Thursdays                     Various            Club Evening

May 22nd -29th Club Sea Kayak Expedition to Outer Hebrides.

Contact Hugh