Commercial Training Courses 2011

We have received information on the following advanced (Leader), coach and first aid courses. These are being run on a commercial basis but grants, particularly for Coach courses, may be available via the SCA (or possibly the Scout Association). You should contact the organizers ASAP .

Paddlepower & Adventure

Organizer Keith Davies

Advanced Training Diary 2011

Date                                  Description                        Location                       Days

TBC                                      4 star white water leader assessment    Rivers Awe and Orchy  1

29th April – 2nd May    BCU UKCC Level 2 coach training           Loch Lomond, Luss       4

16th & 17th April            4 star open canoe training                         Rivers Awe and Orchy   2

23rd & 24th April            White water safety and rescue                 River Tay, Grandtully    2

7th May                              3 star white water assessment                  River Tay                             1

13th – 16th May               BCU UKCC Level 1 coach                             Loch Lomond, Luss         4

21st & 22nd May              4 star open canoe assessment                   Rivers Awe and Orchy     2

28th & 29th May             4 star white water leader training             Rivers Awe and Orchy    2

11th June ‘11                     Foundation Safety & Rescue Training     Loch Lomond, Luss         1

2nd July ’11                       3 star sea kayak assessment                         Oban area                            1

25th & 26th Jun               4 star sea kayak leader assessment            Oban area                           2

16th July ’11                     3 star open canoe assessment                       River Tay                            1

30th & 31st July              4 star sea kayak leader training                     Oban area                           2

20th Aug ‘11                      Foundation Safety and Rescue Training    Loch Lomond, Luss       1

8th & 9th Oct ‘11               White water safety and rescue                       River Tay, Grandtully    2

26th November ’11         3 star white water assessment                        River Tay                            1

There is a provisional booking at Old Kilpatrick  for a level one Coach course and possibly level 2 training or assessment for 4 days from the 29th april.
If interested in this one contact Mags Duncan <>

There are 3 places available on a full HSE First Aid in Work course from Friday 28th-Monday 31st Ja. This is the requirement for Outdoor professionals. If interested contact Grant