Arisaig, Muck and Eigg: July 2011

Paddlers:  Myles, Hugh and Ruth

Friday: Left Arisaig heading for Eigg and testing conditions.  Breezy and in wrong direction: conditions won. Went south to Arisaig peninsular and found a rather delightful campsite.



Saturday: Day was much calmer so crossed to Eigg and had lunch at Galmisdale (Ferry Terminal) [12km]. Then made the crossing to Muck landing at Port Mor [8km]. Explored South and West of island before rounding Horse Island, landing at sandy beach at Gallanach just after 7pm[6km]. A long day.

Spoke to people at farm about camping and they had no objection. They have shower and toilet that can be used by arrangement and for which a donation of some sort is greatly appreciated. After a long day did not eat until 9pm then walked to hotel to check it out.

Sunday: Between holidaymakers, tractors and dogs the early morning was more like Blackpool than Muck. We got up and then headed back towards Eigg and up the West side. Quite choppy.  Rounded the north end and headed back to Galmisdale. The camp site here is the football pitch and has an earth toilet with privacy shelter over it. There are flush toilets and showers avaialbale at the slipway about 300m away.

Monday: Uneventful crossing to Arisaig in morning followed by exploration of the outer islets in beautiful sunshine. All in all a good trip in good settled weather with the odd shower and even a couple of challenging bits.