Kerrera, Sunday 18th Sept 2011

Paddlers: Hugh, Ken, Geoff, Stewart, Douglas and Boo

Weather: A brilliant sunny day with a brisk NW wind force 3/4 at start, easing and moving west as day progressed.

Report: Left Oban at around 10.15 and headed NW into fresh breeze, tide and bumpy sea. Conditions enjoyable if a little tense for the less experienced.

Launch at Oban
Heading through Chop

With the tide we moved quite swiftly. Decided to pull in  at Slatroch Bay and just before landing spied 3 otters. Douglas to provide photos.

Slatrach Bay with Mull in background

Headed on south with a detour out to Bach Island but too much swell to land. En route a Sea Eagle briefly circled overhead. Crossed the south of the island and eventually landed to bay on east of Gylen Castle. Future groups are recommended the west bay as opposed to the rocky east.

Heading South
Gylen Castle
Look the IS sand there
Through the window

After a coffee break and castle inspection (well worth a visit for the views alone) proceeded on round the Rubha Seanach and up the sound back to Oban. By this time tide had turned and wind had dropped so final leg relatively easy, even with damaged shoulders and beginners weariness.

Off Gylen Castle before rounding point.


Got back to Oban just after 5 pm, giving a journey time of some 7 hours for the 20 plus km.  Two weeks ago Sue managed it in 2 hrs 40 mins. How?