Basic Skills Training, Luss, October 2011

Paddlers: Euan, Geoff and new guys: Bella, Dee, Ian and Tom

It was one of those days; cloud almost touched the water and the rain bounced off the surface. And yet. Dead calm, quiet beauty and a great group. The loch was over 1m higher than normal which allowed us up the river further than ever before, made the landing and seal launch from Fraoch Eilean (the little island off Luss) easy, and the drop from the pier acceptable for beginners. The session was completed by a capsize and swim ashore. Well done to the participants and thanks to Willie for bringing out the gear. Wet is not an obstacle to  a great time kayaking.


Demonstrating how to get into a kayak
The Group: Euan, Dee, Tom, Bella, Ian and Geoff