Wednesday Evening Trips, July 18th and 25th

July 18th:

Paddlers: Hugh, Geoff, Douglas, James, Oliver

Route: Craigendoran, Ardmore, Cardross, Greenock, Craigendoran.

Weather: Rain, Light Easterly Breeze

Report: The sort of evening when sensible men seek shelter from the rain can sometimes  be near perfect for kayaking. So it proved with a trip east to Cardross on an incoming tide that allowed us well in to the village.  A noticeable feature of the return was the tide, which was noticeable. A good evening.

July 25th 

Paddlers: Ruth, Jim, Geoff, Bill, Sam, Oliver,Damian,Stella, Ross and Hugh

The paddlers minus photographer Hugh on Ardentinny beach

Route: Coulport, Ardentinny Village, Ardentinny Beach, Coulport

Weather: Calm and Bright.

Report: A well attended paddle across Loch Long. Ideal for beginners, the main interest was the slight swell and the paranoid police patrolling the unmarked “exclusion” zone and the road. A strange night.