Loch Long Thurs 9th and Ardrossan Surf Sat 11th July

Loch Long:

Paddlers; Dave, Tim, Geoff and Hugh

Weather: Bright, Occasional Sun, swirly cool wind F2/3 from NNW.

Route: Coulport, Ardentinny (Glenfinart Caravan Site), Carrick Castle, Coulport

Report: This was due to be the best day in a lousy summer. Even then slightly disappointing with a cool breeze from the north. Stopped off at Ardentinny to investigate tower and had a hefty walk due to tide and new fencing. Highlights were 1) Being passed by a huge RORO vessel the Hartland Point  2) Hugh using his wizard GPS/Map combination to get an apology from the MOD Plod over cuttting the corner on the way back.

Hartland Point off Coulport

Ardrossan South Beach Surf;

Paddlers: Hugh, Geoff, Stewart C

Report:Because of the wind forecast (F5 gusting 7 or 8) a decision was made to use the time to do same training in surf. Ardrossan South Beach was the chosen location and was near perfect. Waves were around 1m, plenty large enough.


What we learnt or relearnt

1. Surfing is exhilerating but stressful and hard work

2. Sea kayaks are very unstable and are turned broadside very easily

3. Coming in backwards, with forward paddles into the larger waves, is much comfier/safer than surfing in

4. Rescues in surf are close to impossible and dangerous to the swimmer (and rescuer)