Loch Lomond: New Kayak Test Runs

Paddlers: Geoff, Alan, Lee, David H., Stewart, Adele

Weather: Overcast, light showers, not as windy as forecast!

Route: Duck Bay-Cameron House-River Fruin-Arden-Duck Bay

Report: The objectives of the trip were twofold; to test out the new boats acquired by the club and to have a picnic (and photo) for a competition run by the Argyll Community Trust. We first headed south and watched the Great Scottish Swim. Not the most riveting of spectacles.

Three new boats
Three of the six new boats

We then headed back north and paddled up the Fruin for about a mile. This is a lovely, unknown paddle. The shallowing rapids gave a bit of skill training before heading south again to the Arden campsite.

THe Fruin
The Fruin

At Arden we made our way up to the campsite for a picnic and photo. This is a wonderful place to stop and/or camp.

The Perfect Picnic Site
The Perfect Picnic Site

After the stop we headed south again into the freshening breeze. The boats proved to be suprisingly good in both the river and windy loch contexts (see https://www.facebook.com/helensburghcanoeclub/timeline for more information on the kayaks). In no time we were back and on our way home after a leisurely and enjoyable morning’s paddle.