Beginners Course, Luss 19-09-2015

Paddlers: Geoff, Euan, Lee, Tim, Allan; Findlay, Sam, John C., John R., Sheila, Jean, Gordon

01-2015-09-19 10.07.03

Weather: Beautiful in morning, clouding up in afternoon. No wind.

Route: Luss Beach, Luss River, Inchtavvanach , Gull island, Luss Beach


The Mouth of the Luss
The Mouth of the Luss

After the normaal bit of instrcution and practice we moved south from the beach to the entrance of the river. It was extremely shallow on both branches but everyone coped well and we managed to get well above the bridge.  We then exited and made for the beach on the north end of Inchtavvanch where we had lunch.

03-IMG_4341After lunch we paddled back to seagull island to practice seal launches. These proved very popular with the younger particpants.

07-IMG_4350 08-IMG_4346 09-IMG_4348 04-IMG_4342 05-IMG_4344 06-IMG_4345 11-IMG_435310-IMG_4352Following the “launches” we had a quick paddle over to the beach and finished with some rafting games. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and hopefully instructive morning’s work.