Arduanie, Shuna, Torsa, and Seil

Paddlers: Geoff, Hugh, Vee, Robert

Weather: Dreadful. Wind from SW F4 moderating to strong F3. Continuous Rain. Poor visibility

Route:  arduanie

Report: This is a great kayaking area and it is a delight to report that the new carpark and canoe slip at Arduanie are first class. However the weather forecast was dreadful and it did not lie. It rained almost continually, sometimes moderate and sometimes heavy, until we completed the trip at around 17.30. The wind was always present and the return was a slog. These next two photos illustrate the views of the  landscape:

Arduanie 006

Arduanie 002

The Good Bits? The company, otters, geese, birdlife in general, playing in the channel between Luing and Torsa and finding the beached/wrecked boat at the end of Shuna.

Arduanie 005

A reasonable list long enough to suggest a day well spent.