Clyde, 3rd May

Paddlers: Geoff, Damien

Weather: Cloudless but quite windy (NE, F4)

Route: Craigendoran to Faslane and return

Report: The beautiful weather has been a little spoilt by the easterly winds which has been at the top end of F4. Given the need for some shelter, the north shore of the Clyde seemed as good as any, and the tide rather determined the route up the Gareloch, keeping in the lee of the hills. In reality the wind was much less of a problem than expected and a very pleasant and uneventful trip resulted. The beach just this side of Faslane was perfect for an early lunch and we were back by 3pm having covered some 22km in 4 hours. Just one thing to note; progress through the Marina is not possible at low tide.