Training: Kidston to Rosneath, 11/5/17

Paddlers To: Amy, Mollie, Melani E., Melani K., Adam, Robbie, Thomas, Tim, Euan, Douglas, David, Allan, Geoff

Paddlers From: Douglas, David, Allan, Geoff

Weather: Bright but very breezy. Wind became strong F4/5 at around 19.30

Report: The morning forecast was for a wind F3 strengthening after 10pm to F4. The decision to proceed with the popular trip across the Gareloch for chips at the caravan park was made and at Kidston all appeared well. As we hit mid channel however, it strengthened and by the time we hit the beach at Rosneath was really blowing. All the paddlers seemed to cope confidently and well with the following sea.

A couple of test runs out of shelter convinced us that some of the beginners would not be strong enough to cope and that any capsize would mean ending back at Rosneath. Reluctantly therefore we put into place our emergency back up. Four experienced paddlers returned into the face of the wind and after a strenuous paddle got back to Kidston where they picked up the trailer and 4 cars, drove round to Rosneath and transported everything back to Helensburgh.

Lessons? We were well equipped for an emergency and had an escape plan so there was never any danger. However a look at the met office weather forecast at 5pm would have warned us that the earlier forecast was misleading, and we could then have relocated to shelter at the RNCYC.