Wednesday Evenings 26th Sept, 2nd August and 9th August

Paddlers: Geoff, Steve, Damien, Lee and Tam (and a couple more)

Report: August 2017 was a windy and wet month but still provided good local kayaking. Our first trip sent us to Kilcreggan for a pint of excellent Guiness with a new local paddler picked up at Craigendoran beach. Our second evening outing saw us at Lomond Shores for a paddle to Inchmurrin. Not wonderful weather it was still an excellent evening with good coffee in the Pub on the island.

The 9th was presented as a trip to the Sugar Boat and on to Greenock. There was a strongish wind (F4) from the west/north west which resulted in rather uncomfortable paddling with biggish waves coming on sideways. Since we were unsure of the landing/refreshment on the other side we decided to head instead into the wind and make for the sailing club. Another excellent Guiness then back to Craigendoran in an increasing gloom. Another excellent evening.