Beginners Mark 2: Clyde Feb 24th 2019

Paddlers: Steve W., Colin B., Bungie, Thomas

Weather: Cold and Grey but Calm in the shelter

Route: Craigendoran-Kidston-Coffee-Craigendoran

Report: The Adult Basic Skills Course includes three trips of increasing adventure. The second of these was planned to be the Leven but the absence, through late illness, of Euan and the heavy rain led to a late change of plan. Thankfully Steve W. was available as support so we embarked on a sea trip along the Helensburgh shore sheltered from the north wind.

Departure from Craigendoran

One of the joys of paddling is quiet, unimpeded progress (no queues or traffic) in great company. And so it proved.

The coffee stop in the cafe at Kidston Park gave us a chance to get warm and save the world with words. When we exited the cafe we found that our timing of high tide was actually 30 minutes after we stopped and one kayak had floated away and been rescued. No harm.

Back at Craigendoran we took the chance of looking at the winter damage around the old pier. It is significant.

The sun breaks through

Despite the cold the trip was again both very useful in developing paddling skills and thoroughly enjoyable.