Peer Group and Club Trips

One of the key objectives of the club is to bring kayakers and canoeists together for trips. Paddling alone is not recommended. Club Members who are on trips which conform to Club Policy have the advantage of third party insurance i.e. if there is an accident and they are liable then they have insurance cover. These trips which have a responsible leader are identified as Club Trips and can include U18s.

Many trips are arranged at short notice and have not been considered by the Club. Because there is no official leader and individuals, as adults (no U-18s) are free to make their own choices they are known as Peer Group Trips. These can be immensely rewarding and consequently are encouraged and reported.

Before Easter I was involved in three windy trips on the Clyde: Craigendoran -Kilcreggan with AndyD., Craigendoran -Cardross with Andy, Pete B, Garry (from Falkirk) and Cristabel (from Milngavie) and Craigendoran-Ardmore with Colin and Gordon, which was a late evening/night trip. All very rewarding.

Andy passing a glorious gorse covered Rosneath Point

Colin and Gordon pass Ardmore in failing light on a windy day