Beginners Canoe Camp, Inchtavannach, July 29th/30th 2019

Paddlers: Kian, Robert, Amy, Toby, Tee-Jay ; Ross, Adam, Tim, Malcolm, Melani, Euan, Geoff

Weather: Thunder and Lightning plus torrential downpours on the Saturday. Windy on the Sunday.

Report: The objective of the camp is to give Young People on the YP Basic Skills course a taste for “expeditioning” and the formula hardly varies from year to year: Paddle from Aldlochlay to the East side of Inchtavvanach where we camp; Set-Up Camp with wood fire barbeque; Evening Paddle round islands; late evening fire; sleep, breakfast, paddle back to Adllochlay. This year was memorable chiefly for the weather and for the overall high quality of the experience. Some photos:

Beach at northern end of Inchtavannach where we waited for latecomers
The latecomers
Entering the narrows with a brooding Ben Lomond in the background
And Rain
Group lands at main beach on Inchmoan during evening paddle
Sun eventually breaks through; late evening looking at Glen Luss
Return to Aldlochlay (Sunday)