Beginners Paddle, Luss, 28th Sept 2019

Paddlers: Euan, Steve T., Bungie, Mason, Charlie, Ian, Stu, Sharon and Geoff

Weather: Excellent, calm and mostly sunny

Report: The trip followed the familiar pattern. From the beach at the north end of Luss we headed south, stopping just after the pier for the first “coaching” interlude, which in this case was Draw strokes. Meanwhile the Lomond Club, who were also meeting at Luss paid a visit

Heading for the river
The Lomond Club

The river was unusual in having a good depth but little flow; ideal for introducing Beginners to moving water. Coaching point: Ferry Glides. From there we headed further south before crossing to Inchvannach at the narrowest point and rounding the point to the beach for lunch.

After an enjoyable lunch we headed back to the mainland and then out to Fraoch Eilean (Seagull Island) for further instruction on the seal launch (and kayak bouyancy!).

Sharon and Stu then left us to go sampling at the Cove Beer Festival whilst we went back again to Luss Water for more coaching and games. We got back to the north end of the beach at around 2pm after an enjoyable and we hope instructive four hours .

There has been some discussion on the effectiveness of a “trip” which involves a mix of journeying and coaching for a mixed ability group of paddlers. In evidence this trip seems to have “worked” for all involved (including the leaders). We do welcome comments from participants.