Loch Lomond Sunday 3rd October

loch lomond nov 13 006Paddlers: Morag, Ian, Mark T, Lee, David H, Mark C, David N, Mel, Geoff, Douglas, Michael, Oliver, Keith, Ross

Weather: Sunny with very blustery showers.

Report: After a terrible week of weather, Sunday promised relief if a bit windy for the Basic Skills paddle. On the Sunday morning the wind appeared to be Force 4 from the NW, not really normally suitable for beginners. The shelter at Aldlochlay suggested, however, that we should be able to do something if only creep along the shore. As it turned out the hills and islands sheltered us almost completely with only one or two points exposed to the wind. The crossings to/from Inchvannach were, for example, very quiet whilst the exit north from the narrows was anything but.

The route started south past the “little boy” statue. The autumn colours were glorious.

loch lomond nov 13 001

With relative calm we crossed to Inchvannach and then on to Inchmoan.



The beach to the north was flooded so we headed back to the main beach for a break. Then on up north through the narrows to a beach at the top of Inchvannach.

loch lomond nov 13 008

After a lunch break we  set off again just as the strongest of the blustery showers hit us. It was so fierce we simply sat off the beach until it eased and then pushed on into the waves and wind. All made it to the next beach, some having far less trouble than others, the canoeists suffering most in the high wind.  As the cloud cleared we were treated to a glorious rainbow


loch lomond nov 13 011

A second calm crossing and we were back by 2pm. Another excellent day on Loch Lomond.