Committee Minutes Jan 14th 2014

Helensburgh Canoe Club

Committee Meeting Jan 13th 2014


Present  Geoff, Grant, Hugh, Euan, Eleanor, Mark

Finance: Bills for a) Canoe Trolleys b) Pool (2*3months). Geoff thought we could manage these without problems but would contact Ken as soon as he returns

Equipment Needs: Hugh suggested a pair of strops for carrying loaded sea kayaks. Agreed at suggested price of £50

Pool and Swimming Club.

We should have the three family cubicles reserved for us (on the right by the gym door) for changing

The showers are not on the poolside and are not part of the pool hire. We can use them during the Swimming Club sessions and they can use them during canoe sessions.

Buoyancy Aid and replacement bucket to be brought to Pool.


Sea Kayak Navigation. Date of commencement: 20th Feb for 5 weeks.

Adult Basic Skills. Age 14+. Start Date  28th Jan for 10 weeks. Cost £35. Target Groups (DoE, Explorers). Geoff to contact Advertiser and Youth Groups.

2 Star Assessment. 27th and 28th April. £20 for 2 days.

3 Star Training. Agreed to train youngsters for 3 Star Canoe. Those doing Sea Kayak course would proceed to 3 Star independently.  Mark would work with youngsters in pool. Monthly session involving either canoe or kayak on rivers.

External Courses: UKCC Level 1 would run at Lochgoilhead at start of summer vacation. Funding available. There are a number of 4 Star courses currently on offer..

River  Grant would be running sessions on the river on the following Saturdays:

15th Feb, 22nd March, 19th April, 17th May 21st June, 19th July, 6th August. These will be in both canoes and kayaks and are an essential part of both 2 and 3 star Training. Everybody is welcome particularly our younger members.  

Sea Trips

There will be a midweek day trip in February. Date and location to be determined by Weather (Forecast)

Weekend 1st March: Bothy trip. Depart Helensburgh for Mark Cottage on Loch Long via KIlcreggan and Ardentinny. This is a training paddle/weekend and suitable for those who are completing the sea kayak expedition course.

Club Meetings.

Monday 3rd February. Scout Hall 8pm. Stoves and Food. A look and discussion of alternative stove designs and pots. How much better is titanium? Then a discussion and tasting of expedition food/menus from 5 experienced kayakers/chefs.

Monday 3rd March. Scout Hall 8pm. AGM and Photo Competition . Competition topics: i) Weather  ii) People and Paddles. Illustrated report on year from chair and discussion of the BCU/UKCC award system from Chief Coach.

Monday 7th April: “Sleeping Systems” A look at and discussion of all things sleeping; tents, bags and mats. Is a geodesic worth the money and weight? How much larger and comfier is a down mat? Is a down bag that much better?

Lomond Canoe Club  Club was reported to be mothballed for this year. Suggested Chair writes to secretary offering temporary home for any adult wanting to come out on trips. Colin to be specifically invited on river trips.

Pinkston Opening early February (9th for invited guests).

First Aid. Grant would contact two suppliers to identify cost and possible dates for full 2 day course.

Subs. Held at current rates but concessionary rate (over 65s) abolished. Geoff to prepare renewal notices for distribution on 3rd February with attempt to gather all subs in by or close to AGM.