Loch Lomond Sunday March 30th

Paddlers: Geoff, Euan, Ross and David

Weather: Grey, overcast with brisk easterly wind

Report: This was meant to be a Beginners trip for those on the Adult Basic. Unfortunately due to lateness and communication problems none of the Beginners made it! Set off about 10.20 from Aldlochlay heading south then east into the breeze on the outside of Inchtavannach and Inchmoan and then Inchruin. Break at jetty where we were joined by 3 kayakers from Balmaha. Fairly cold in breeze, particularly if hands got wet. From jetty rounded Inchruin then back between the islands.

Crossed to mainland to investigate Camstradden House and then back to Aldlochlay around 1.20. A pleasant,uneventful paddle with good average speed.