Clyde Evening 20th and Loch Long Day 21st

Paddlers: Clyde; Hugh, Bill, Geoff, John and Sheila; Loch Long: Lee, Tim, Charlotte and Geoff

Weather: Wonderful on both days. Light breeze from SW on Thursday

Reports: Wednesday Evening was set up as a Training Paddle to identify which trips might be suitable. It was a wonderful night and flat calm. The group simply went to the sugar boat and returned just as the sun set.

At the sugar boat
At the stern of the sugar boat
A bit of clapotis along the bottom
A bit of clapotis along the bottom (Bill and Geoff)
Sheila and Geoff

On the following day another simple trip in glorious weather. We met at 10am at Finnart before crossing to the west shore. It was calm and sunny as we progressed north, expecting the promised northerly winds. Stopped for a break and sunbathe at the huge new hotel by Ardgarten. Crossing back to the east shore to Ardmay House we were conscious of a F2/F3 wind from the South West! Given Charlotte’s time constraints we headed back into the wind with two of our number turning a gentle recreational paddle into a high speed challenge. Charlotte in her Epic7 won.

As a result we arrived back at Finnart far too early and Lee and Geoff decided to carry on across to Mark Cottage for a brief inspection. After another break and sunbathe by both groups we returned and were away about 4pm

Loch Long 013 014What a glorious place to live.