Young Persons Basic and Other Training May/June 2016

The training started in earnest this month. Hugh started off with an evening paddle for the Sea Kayak Expedition programme to the Sugar Boat on the 4th with Geoff, John R and Sheila.  The following evening 18 Beginners and other members met at Luss. Robin and Tim took the least experienced along the shore and up the river, whilst Geoff headed off to Inchlonaig . On Wednesday  11th Hugh, on an evening with a strong F4/F5,  took Jeanette and Francis (and Geoff) along to Rhu Spit to experience wind against tide in the narrows.  A lumpy experience.

On Wednesday 12th 19 gathered at Lomond Shores. The strong wind, which had been a feature of the last two weeks, thankfully died. The youngest (Alex, Jamie & William) with Tim and Stewart T. concentrated on building up some strength close to the lagoon area. The other 14 (Allan, Ross, Stewart, Rosie, Bella, Adam, John, Sheila, Paul, Mathew, Jenny, Rowan, Kerry, Geoff) had a mix of paddling, stroke development and ball games. A lovely evening and a useful training session.

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For reference the Training Programme:

HCC-Beginners Course


3rd Tues 7:30pm – Pool session

5th Thurs 6.30-9pm – Luss, River and Basic Skills (No Euan)

10th Tues 7:30pm – Pool session

12th Thurs 6.30-9pm – Lomond Shores, (No Euan)

17th Tues 7:30pm – Pool session

19th Thurs 6.30-9pm – Luss, island trip and seal launching

24th Tues 7:30pm – Pool session

26th Thurs 6.30-9pm – Kidston Park-Rosneath Caravan Park

28th/29th  2pm – Noon  Canoe Camping Trip, Loch Lomond

31st Tues 7:30pm – Pool session


2nd Thurs 6.30-9pm – Finnart (Loch Long)

7th Tues 7:30pm – Pool session

9th Thurs 6.00-9pm – River Leven trip

14th Tues 7:30pm – Pool session

16th Thurs 6.30-9pm – Canadian Canoes @ Royal Northern (No Geoff)

21st Tues 7:30pm – Pool session (No Geoff)

23rd Thurs 6.30-9pm – Canadian Canoes @ Royal Northern (No Geoff)

28th Tues 7:30pm – Pool session (No Geoff)

30th Thurs 6.30-9pm Kayak Polo @ Craigendoran Pier (No Geoff)