Inchfad and Other Islands

After paddling round the Loch Lomond islands something new comes as a bit of a surprise. This note relates to an island we never normally land on as we head for either Balmaha or Inchcailloch and its picnic benches and toilets but visited on a solo trip last Wednesday. Inchfad proved to be an interesting place. First along with Inchmurrin and Inchtavannach it is permanently populated. Inchcailloch and Inchcruin only have occasional summer visitors.

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Secondly it has at least four excellent houses for rent at substantial sums and an extremely well kept pier. Thirdly it has a well hidden canal/harbour with concrete walls of the order 3m tall and a slip.

Inchfad This channel was apparently dug in the 1760’s to supply a distillery on the island,although there is nothing left now.

A herd of fallow deer can be found on the grassland that runs along the centre of the island and the pond is a haven for geese. Inchfad is worth visiting.