A Stunning Night on the Clyde; 23/07/19

Paddlers: David, Martin, Damien, Geoff, Andrew and Grant M.

Weather: Still, clear, stunning

Report: A hastily arranged Tuesday evening paddle saw 6 of us at Craigendoran for an evening paddle. First stop was the Sugar Boat, where we disturbed fifty or sixty shags/cormorants. The number of shags and their roosting patterns suggests the former.

Damien and Andrew inspect the rusting hull of the sugar boat

Some of the Shags off the wreck are disturbed again at our approach

The cruise liner anchored at Greenock was our next objective. The Azamara Journey is a mid-sized ship of 30,000 tonnes (compared to the monster liner berthed with her until 5pm the Brilliance of the Seas, 90,000tonnes) . She left Greenock at 10pm .

The Azamara Journey

From the international quay we headed east to the Grand Harbour, passing en route about a dozen paddlers from the Royal West Club on their club night trip.

Paddlers from the RWSBC

As the sun started to descend in the west the paddle across from the harbour via Ardmore was a wonderful combination of perfect peace and gorgeous surroundings.

We landed at 10pm just as the cruise liner left and the dark rolled in. A great evening.