Inchmurrin, evening Tuesday 27th August

Paddlers; Matt, Geoff, Bungie and Mandy

Weather: Beautiful; sunny whilst light, clear later.

Report: The plan was left deliberately open as Matt and Geoff were in sea kayaks whilst Bungie and Mandy were in their inflatable double. There was also a degree of mis-communication about objectives with Geoff suggested going as far as Creinch and Mandy assuming we were going directly to the pub (she had not eaten!)

Having started from the beach mid way along Duck Bay at just before 7pm we headed out to the west side of Inchmurrin Island. After a short discussion, we then headed north before rounding the tip of Inchmurrin island. A short on-water stop to alleviate hunger was followed 10 minutes later by a stop at the pub, arriving just after sunset.

The paddle back to Duck Bay was in the dark with no moonlight. It was however completely calm and cloudless, which resulted in a lovely “night paddling” experience. We got back at around 9.30 having paddled some 11km, a good rate for an inflatable.