Loch Lomond August 2019

Paddlers: Andy, Stuart, Serena and Geoff

Weather: Glorious; Hot and Sunny with no wind


Report: The Ailsa Craig trip (previous post) was most definitely a C Grade with 10 miles of open water. This trip was drawn up at the last moment for those unable through inexperience or other commitments to go to Ailsa Craig but wanted to make use of the fantastic weather. It was recorded by Stuart using a 360 Automatic Go Pro mounted on his foredeck.

The 360 Camera can be just seen on the foredeck

For those interested a section from the video of the group heading north from Rowardennan video is available at https://youtu.be/ONFch1Php2k  

WE arrived at Luss Car Park at 10.30 and by 11am the car park was completely full. After the mayhem of the beach the paddle north east was quiet and quite delightful

We stopped for a pint at the pub at Rowardennan which was relatively quiet although the car park here was also full as were the beaches. After a mile or so north along the shore we headed north west to Firkin Point before tuning for home.

Stuart, Andy and Serena

Although the loch had become much busier, with jet skis/bikes, speed boats and water skiers, compared to Luss Beach which we got to about 3pm, it was a quiet oasis. Loading the cars and simplt exiting the car park was not a pleasant experience. Advice: Avoid Luss on hot sunny Sundays.

The total journey time, including stops, was around 4 hours and we covered some 16km. A good trip.