Chairperson’s Report 2014/15


  • Membership steady at just under 50
  • High Turnover: New members on Basic Skills Course, Many leave after 1 or 2 years
  • Gender Distribution: Female 25% of members
  • Age Distribution: Equally Spread ;18, 18-30, 30-55,>55

Training Courses Run: Basic  Skills, Basic Skills for Youngsters, Sea Expedition, Foundation Safety and Rescue

Coaches: Significant increase in number and level of qualified coaches working with club

River and Whitewater: Limited ; dependent upon availability of limited number of people, Pinkston Trip very successful. To be expanded.

Loch and Sea: Extensive Programme (19 trips) for all ability levels with 38 Participants in total on one or more


  • Club Healthy : Finances and Activities
  • Pool Sessions: Provide focus.
  • Need to do more to retain youngsters in club; Pinkston, Rivers, Polo, Club Co-operation=> Competition
  • Need to refresh club officers and committee.

Geoff Riddington Chair 12/3/15

NB The full powerpoint presentation with trip photos can be obtained from